Get Your Central Heating Power Flushed Clean

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Get rid of blockages for improved circulation and a warmer home

Experience quicker heat up times for your radiators

Increase the lifespan of your heating system components like your boiler and pump

Reduce your heating bills due to increased efficiency of central heating system

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The Kensington power flushing services offered by E powerflush can help you to deal with a range of central heating issues.


There are a number of signs that your central heating system is not operating as it should and that it may need a power flush. These signs include:

Increased noise from the boiler
Cold spots on your radiators
Radiators being slow to warm up
Leaks from radiators and piping
Boiler failure
Low heat output from the radiators
Noisy pipes

These problems are often a result of contaminants which have built up within the boiler, pipes and radiators in your home. This sludge like substance can reduce the flow of water through the system, cause corrosion and can prevent the transfer of heat to your radiators.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should contact the Kensington central heating power flush service for further advice and assistance on 02038568165. One of our fully qualified staff will visit your home to inspect your central heating system. If required, they will then perform a Boiler power flush. A powerflush can help to restore your central heating system so that it works like new.

The Process

When you call out E power flush Kensington, our engineer will visit your home at a time which is convenient for you. Each one of our team carries state-of-the-art equipment which will be used to flush your central heating system.

A Power flush pump will be connected to your central heating system, and water will be pumped through the system at a very high velocity but low pressure. Next, chemicals will be added to the water. These chemicals will help to break down any sludge and rust which is causing the system to malfunction. Finally, the Heating engineer will complete the Process by pumping a special corrosion inhibitor through the system which will help to protect your heating system from problems in the future..

The Kensington power flush company will complete this work quickly and will cause minimal disruption to your home. Power flushing does not require the removal of your boiler or any radiators, which means the job can be completed quickly. All that the Kensington Power Flush engineer requires is access to your boiler and radiators.


If you are experiencing central heating problems and believe that you need the assistance of Power flush services Kensington, you should contact our team on 02038564665. We provide rapid response Power flush services to customers across Greater London, from Kensington to West Wickham as well as to the Home Counties including power flush surrey.

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