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Power Flush

We have a team of fully qualified engineers who operate throughout London able to solve your power flush problems. no job is too big or too small and our engineers are expert fault finders and will ensure that central heating issues are resolved and you are back up and running as soon as possible. Our engineers have thousands of hours of combined hours of experience specialising in Power Flushing. Give us a call on 020 3319 6608

call for our powerflush london services if you are experiencing any of the following.

Power Flush Filter


We can fit the SpiroTrap MB3 filter on to your central heating system


  • Unique dual action, automatically and continuously removes both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt from the heating system.

  • Proven to improve energy efficiency by independent testers.

  • Helps to reduce running costs.

  • Helps to protect and prolong the life of components such as the boiler & radiators.

Cutting out pipes

In some cases where a power flush has not been successful in clearing a blockage it may be necessary to cut out and replace pipework on the central heating system we include this service as an optional extra.

Tank cleaning

As an optional extra we can clean out the central heating tank of the system, where necessary